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Kord’s Angels Responding & Empowering has been a strong community member in the Ajo since its creation in 2021. As a small nonprofit, every year we carry on the projects started by our namesake, Kord Klinefelter and continue on works that fit his ethos with the help of generous donors such as yourself. It is because of your continued support, and the support of people such as yourself, that Kord’s Angels is able to maintain programs like: Annual School Drives, Trade School Scholarships, Warm Winter Vets, Angel Tree Bikes, Stock the Shelters & Pet Support, 1st Responder Support & Other Community Needs! But what will happen when you are gone?

Qualified Plan Benefits

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Making Kord’s Angels your Planned Benefits beneficiary can be as simple as placing Kord’s Angels‘s name on the beneficiary line on any one of the policies listed below:

  • Life Insurance Policy
  • IRA
  • 401 (k)
  • 403 (b)
  • Keogh Account
  • Any other qualified retirement plan

Naming Kord’s Angels as the beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement plan is a simple and smart way to provide for our programs for years to come. When a retirement account is left to a charity such as Kord’s Angels, the organization does not pay the income tax otherwise due if left to a non-spouse family member or a friend. If you no longer need the life insurance that was purchased years ago to provide for your children or other family members, please consider leaving it as a legacy to Kord’s Angels. Every single dollar makes a HUGE impact on the support we are able to provide to the community!

Making a Bequest to Kord’s Angels Responding & Empowering, Inc.

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There are many reasons to make a bequest. You may want to support Kord’s Angels and its programs in the future, just as you may be doing during your lifetime. Giving by bequest costs nothing now, yet it may give you a great deal of satisfaction to know that your future gift will live on. Bequests are very private gifts, too. You may change your bequest at any time, and, if you wish, you may make your plans anonymously.

You do not need a large estate to make a significant gift to Kord’s Angels and your assets remain in your control during your lifetime.

* You can direct your gift to a particular purpose (Please, Be sure to check with us to make sure your gift can be used as intended).

If you choose to include Kord’s Angels in your will, please send us a confidential copy of the section of your will. This will give us the opportunity to express our thanks and to contact you in case there are any questions concerning your bequest.

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To designate a bequest to Kord’s Angels, you must use KARE’s formal corporate name, address and federal tax ID number, as shown below.
Here are some examples of the most common language used when making a bequest to Kord’s Angels Responding & Empowering, Inc :

I hereby give $________________ (amount of gift), or

I hereby give _________________ (description of asset), or

I hereby give _________________ (percent of estate) to

Kord’s Angels Responding & Empowering, Inc

1 W Plaza St. Ajo, AZ, 85321
Tax ID# 86-3195914

For a private and confidential discussion regarding Estate Planning contact us by emailing

More Information

For information on the benefits of estate and/or planned giving gifts to Kord’s Angels Responding & Empowering, Inc., please talk to your tax advisor, planner or legal counsel.

Start Your Legacy Today!

You are never to young to start planning out your future and how you can help ensure that programs you love in continue on even after you’re gone! Thank you for your consideration & continued support!

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